Hey this is Knife Standards! 
I am a Knife enthusiast, reviewer, collector and designer.  
I have always been fascinated with Pocket Knives. From folders and flippers to fixed blades and slip joints. This is a passion that my Father and I shared together.
He and I bonded over our love of pocket knives and my collection continued to grow and evolve over the years.
 I started my review channel early last year to showcase my knives, share my thoughts and standards, and to connect with all of you!  
Over a year ago I drew a sketch of a knife. My first design. It was just a rough sketch and I had no plans to have it produced. I thought to myself, maybe one day…but I had no idea if it would, or if it could ever happen.  
I have reviewed and collected many knives, and I very much enjoy being part of the knife community, but I couldn’t see myself having my own production model. Not to mention, I didn't know the first thing about having a design produced.
Last year I was talking with my Dad about my review channel and reviewing other various production knives, when I decided to show him my rough sketch and design.
I handed my Dad the sketch of my design and without hesitation he told me...  
"It looks great, now stop worrying about other peoples knives."
“Soon you'll have your own knives to sell."
My own knives? My own design? How would that even be possible? I didn’t have the first clue about having a design turned into a production run. But I remembered my Dad's words and his support. A vision he could see for me, that I could not.  
Tragically my Dad passed away just a few weeks after he told me that. He was a knife enthusiast just like me and loved the hobby. He was a great man and I know that he would be proud of the work I'm doing. I love knives just like my Dad, and I set out to fulfill the vision he saw for me.
I became obsessed with refining my design. Drawing, sketching, and redrawing over and over. Cutting out hundreds of paper prototypes, sculpting handles out of clay, drawing blade shapes, handle sizes, milling patterns, and most importantly making sure that this would be a pocket knife that my Dad would be proud of.
Every small detail counts and I look forward to sharing this design with you. It is everything my Dad and I would want in a Pocket Knife.
Thank you for your support and joining the Knife Standards journey...
Talk soon..